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Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management (MBCPM™) Program

The MBCPM™ program is a 12-week course aimed at easing the pain and suffering of people who live with chronic pain. Participants are guided step-by-step by “The Mindfulness Solution to Pain” manual and its companion CDs/downloads through short meditations and self-exploration. The trained and licensed MBCPM™ facilitators for this program are experienced occupational therapists with extensive experience working with clients with chronic pain and mental health conditions.


Mindful Pain Management for Veterans and Families (coming soon!)

This virtual program is offered to veterans and family members with chronic pain. The group is limited to ten participants to facilitate a safe and supportive environment. The trained and licensed MBCPM™ facilitators for this program are experienced occupational therapists with extensive experience working with veterans with chronic pain and mental health conditions.

Introduction to Pain Neuroscience

This session will increase your understanding of how your brain interprets and modifies information it receives from the body to turn the pain volume up or down. Learn how to use this knowledge and your body’s own natural pain killers to better manage your pain.

Introduction to Pain Recovery

Learn about your own resilience and draw on your values and strengths to face life’s challenges, including pain. The presence of pain in your life does not mean that you also must suffer.

Relaxation for Pain Management

If you have any health challenges or chronic pain, you will know that stress makes your symptoms worse. Yet, how many of us take the time to relax? In this session, we will learn and practice basic strategies to gently help you to relax. This is a great follow up to “Explain Pain”.


This is an introduction into how and why mindfulness works to decrease pain and stress, while increasing your moment-to-moment awareness. Mindfulness is an important component to an effective pain management plan.

Moving Towards Pain Recovery

This session describes a practical approach to working with clients with chronic pain and their families and caregivers. It provides some new resources that you can both recommend to your clients, colleagues, and use for yourself. The content begins with pain assessment, setting goals and action plans, then briefly describes pain neuroscience education, and pain self-management strategies. It concludes with a discussion of how occupational therapy may differ from other health disciplines, mainly because of the holistic approach and the focus on function.

Introduction to Pain Assessment and Management in Primary Healthcare

Chronic Pain Workshop (half day) provided for professional staff from Primary Care Networks and Alberta Health Services/Chronic Disease Management. This interactive workshop reviews pain assessment, client-centred care planning, pain neuroscience education, and integrating pain self-management support into primary healthcare environments.

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